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LinTO for meetings & Smart Scribe

Digital workspaces are a source for important data lakes in which intelligent tools, boosted by machine learning, play an increasingly important role in extracting content, meaning and value.

Video conferencing solutions and digital recorders are thus equipped with automatic transcription systems, instantaneous discussion channels are scrutinized by text analysis extracting and understanding natural language...

On this AI topic, the digital giants offer APIs, often used by virtual "scribes" applications that offer end-users the ability to abstract, annotate, classify or even search for content created during exchanges within a company. These applications, which becomes more and more popular, are often based on proprietary technologies and do not offer the expected conditions for processing sensitive data (finance, banking, medical, etc.) while displaying an insufficient level of performance for languages other than English.


Conversation Manager


We're still working on it... source code is not yet disclosed as we focus on a SaaS first offer. Repos avaiable by November 2022, check our Roadmap : LinTO Roadmap on GitHub You still can try public Alpha version here LinTO Conversation Manager - Public Alpha

Jitsi with LinTO


Jitsi can get installed withing a LinTO Server Platform using optional stack deployment files and a custom Jitsi-Jigasi Build Check thoses repos :

linto-jitsi Source Code

optional stack yml file

config template for your stack