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About LinTO Applications

LinTO Applications are created and managed within linto-admin GUI (see Server/PostInstall documentation). They are mainly built upon Node-RED framework. These LinTO applications are automatically created and configured inside embeded Node-RED server as you use linto-admin. Once an application has been configured (Bound to NLU, STT, Chatbots...) you certainly want your Virtual agent / Smart Assistant to actually make something specific for your text-entries or vocal commands.


To achieve this, you will drag'n drop Node-RED nodes, representing the skills you want to add inside the Node-Red workflow at the core of your LinTO application. All the customization of your application occurs directly into linto-admin web GUI as it embeds directly the Node-RED interface


Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring process, APIs and services in a simple way. A graphical web tool is provided to define any workflow, wiring incoming data (from LinTO clients) with any paradigm of tasks , using your own skills and the wide range of existing or customizable nodes available in the Node-Red library.


Developping skills

We propose here a lot of code and content that enables you to create these skills for LinTO, like you would do on DialogFlow, IBM Watson or Alexa. Learn more about this Framework here