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LinTO Maker Releases

Latest version: 1.1


We currently do not plan to distribute further builts for these. As the provided images relies on older Buster Raspian OS you might want to use our OS Generator to build a new image with latest version of Raspbian or other Raspberry PI OSes. The OS Generator toolchain is a quite complete tool that emulates a Raspberry Pi ARM on your developpement computer.

linto-maker-buster-v1.tar.gzLatest Buster based LinTO maker image90b492bc99ec8020167595eb65b690ea011d3a5e5ef557ae3b1697174a7f1779
linto-maker-buster-v1.seedvoicecard.tar.gzLatest Buster based LinTO maker image with driver for seeed-voicecarddd55514e9310ff31a4a7b6bda49c6413ecefb9b4a05644ac7e5aeb33fd2104a7