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On device Wake-Word Spotting


On device wake-word spotting is an important privacy feature. It ensures that only your voice commands are processed by the service. Whitout it, if the detection takes place server-side, the device can potentialy become a listening device and LinTO ain't no snitch.


linto-command-module is the piece of software that serve that purpose.

It is distributed directy inside the LinTO image, or integrated using the os-generator (As part of the functionnal modules).

You can also download the source or the release binary on github.

The latest generated wake-word model can be found here.


Our Wake-Word spotting technology relies on Deep Learning. Using a lightweight Recurrent Neural Retwork model trained on collected data it achieves production-ready accuracy with minimum ressource usage.

Say 'LinTO'

Just say "LinTO" to start interacting with the client.

  • "LinTO, what is my next appointment ?"
  • "LinTO, send the last meeting summary to Olivia ?"

But what if i want to call him Alfred or Natasha ?

We published a tool designed to create your own wakeword provided that you have the required data at hand.